It’s the Last Day of Summer!…

It’s the Last Day of Summer!
It’s the last day of summer! That statement alone can bring up so many different kinds of emotions. Happy, sad, scared, unsure, nostalgic, and excited all at the same time.
It’s now the time that we all get ready for the crisp days of Autumn that are quickly approaching, which hopefully starts to prepare us for the ever coming LONG, cold days of Winter. The closing of a year and looking back at all the things that took place and happened. Good and bad. The start of a New Year which makes us all feel like we have another chance to do the things that we did not get done, or start something new that we have always wanted to start. It gives us a feeling of refresh. It also at the same time gives us a realization that time is flying on by, and there is nothing we can do to stop it. 
I have always had a bad relationship with time. First of all, I am NEVER ON TIME!!!! I have tried over the years all the different techniques and tricks to cure myself of this on going ALWAYS LATE thing that I have, but nothing has ever worked. So I have decided that it is just part of my DNA. Time and I will never be friends. Who came up with time anyway?? Who was it that decided we need a number to tell us when we have to be here or there, and we need more numbers to tell us how old we are getting by each passing year, and how we are not getting enough done and just letting time slip through our fingers. It’s offensive really!!! I mean… It’s hard enough just trying to live in the moment and then you have the lingering… “Time is passing” hanging over your head.
Truthfully the gray hair on my head, and the fact that my 10-year-old is as tall as me, and my oldest “baby” is now nowhere near being a baby is reminder enough that time is ticking by. Those numbers just give me stress!!
I do long for the routine that comes with the ending of Summer. I love the routine, but at the same time I dread it. Being on a set routine makes me feel more like I am accomplishing life better, but at the same time it also makes me feel like I am missing it.
I am missing the random funny craziness that comes with enjoying every moment and not having to rush from one thing to the next. I tend to be on auto pilot with the routine and tend to miss so much more around me.
It’s the last day of Summer! 
– I look forward to peeing without an audience! And yet what will I do when I run out of toilet paper and am sitting there with no one to bring me some?! Buster has never been good about bringing me things I need! (That’s because he’s a dog and prefers to have ME do everything for him rather than help me out at all) .. you know how dogs can be!! It’s either get up with doodie butt, or sit there in hopes that someone will eventually come into the house and save you… 
– I look forward to NO FIGHTING!!! No more “He said this to me… she said that to me… Tell her to STOP touching my things, tell him to STOP saying that to me! MOOOOOM he farted and it smells like dead mouse, MOOOOOM she said my farts smell like dead mouse!”… you get the idea! Oh who am I kidding, there is still evenings and weekends and all HOLIDAYS!! And those pesky DAYS OFF from school!!!
– I look forward to having a clean house again! Even if it only lasts for eight hours of the day.  I will roll around on the toy-less floor, and know that there will be NO legos to stab me in the pancreas! 
– I look forward to not hearing “I’m BORED I’m BORED I’m BORED” every day, ..and yet those I’m boreds are sure to be replaced with “I don’t want to do my homework, I don’t want to do my homework, I don’t want to do my homework!”..
I look forward to silence!! Yet I also fear the silence. Because with silence comes thoughts. And with thoughts comes anxiety. So if I could just figure out how to not have thoughts anymore. Or maybe I just need to get better thoughts. How do I get better thoughts?? hmm… 
The last day of Summer… Until next year, when all my people will be just a little bit older, and a little bit taller. Their brand new clothes that we just bought will no longer fit them. They will have better math skills and will have learned about the Boston Tea party. My little girl may want to replace her pink doll house with a black computer desk, and my little boy may want to be called “Charles” now instead of “Charlie”… but maybe not.. Maybe I have some more time… maybe..
It’s the last day of Summer!… Goodbye Summer…
I will also look forward to not having tricks like this played on me!! and yet maybe….
NOPE… I will definitely NOT miss this!!

Expectation of Summer vacation ~ VS ~ Reality

I have so much planned for Summer.  It is going to be great. We are going to stay busy and get lots of sun. I want to make sure and keep the kids as active as possible and enjoy every second of summer!
Boy Kitcover
1st day of summer vacation-
You found this on Pinterest and made copies, filled it all out and you are ready to be Super Mom!!
Second day of summer vacation-
Forget it….too much paperwork…
-I am going to set up a pool in the backyard for the kids to play in.
Just use the hose you guys…. 
We are going to spend some time at the park everyday so the kids can burn off some energy.
What’s wrong with the backyard… I mowed last week!! Just watch out for the dog poop okay…oh and don’t touch that dead mouse over there…
We are going to go to the craft store and get lots of crafts. Glue and paints. We’ll still pass up on the glitter though..
I bought the Gigantor box of sidewalk chalk you guys…go draw stuff…
We are going to read a full chapter every night. We don’t want to lose our reading skills over summer.
We are going to have picnics in the park!
We are going to be sure and eat nutritious meals this summer. It’s important to stay on top of eating healthy and not let that go just because it’s summertime!!
We are going to stay on schedule as much as possible. Still keep with the getting up early schedule so when school starts in fall it will make everything so much easier
Sleep all day up all night!!!
We are going to garden and plant flowers this summer. It’s always good to stay connected to the earth!!
The Expectation of Summer
The reality of Summer
I’m bored….and hungry!!! I’m bored…and hungry…..I’m bored and hungry….. I’m bored…and hungry….I’m bored…
Happy Summer Everyone!~ 

Are YOU ready for Summer??..

It’s that time of year again folks. The end of school. The time when the school decides to do EVERYTHING!!! All the field trips, school picnics and school plays they can cram into a week they will do. When you have multiple children in school, you get to enjoy all of those things multiple times. I personally have been to 3 school programs in the last week alone.
These are all the thoughts that went through my mind at the last school program:
– Hmm…not a lot of people in here. I hope I am in the right building! I hope I’m in the right spot!! I don’t know if this area is reserved for students or something. Where is everybody?? Am I early?? How is that even possible?? I have never been early to anything in my whole life?? Blink, Blink, Blink…
-No…please don’t sit right here…please!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
-Ugh….period cramps?? REALLY??? right now??
-I just don’t think I’m a “people person”…. I’m just not liking ALL THE PEOPLE!!!!
– the smell though…..Why THAT smell every time!!!
-To the person with the nervous foot behind me… 
-I just don’t understand the smell though…
-Awww….the kids are so cute! Look at them dance….awww!! Cutie patootie heads! There is my girl! **waves maniacally and blows kisses…. 
-Do I HAVE to watch all the other classes?!… Is anybody else leaving?? Anybody?? Anybody?? I don’t want to look like an asshole and be the only one to leave! Just one person…anybody??
-My BUTT!!!! OUCH!! 
-I have to sneeze! Oh crap I’m going to sneeze! It’s coming…It’s coming…I’m going to sneeze and then I’m going to pee….It’s coming!!!! 
-Don’t look at me like that Mr. guy…I had to sneeze! I’m sorry I didn’t cover in time. I tried!! I really did….actually I was hoping by sneezing on you that you would move to another seat! I’m about sick and tired of having your leg creepily rubbing against mine!
-Finally it’s over! Trying to stand up and walk..
– I see the EXIT sign..
-Person standing in front of the EXIT
Made it to the car…
Are YOU ready for Summer??..

Summer Fuckery~

Well folks, …it’s almost that time again. The time when the kids are going to be home EVERY DAMN DAY!! Now I am not saying I don’t like having my kids around every day,…but the truth is I don’t like having my kids around every day! ….Sometimes You just need a break ya know. There have been some mornings where they are arguing and fighting, and they won’t get dressed and didn’t finish the homework and all I keep thinking is, get them in the car and drop them off and you will be FREEEEE!! I know that sounds bad, and I don’t mean it like that…but I actually really do mean it like that. Kids suck sometimes. Which is why I am so thankful and grateful for my kids teachers. These people not only have to deal with my kids, but a whole classroom full of kids. An entire room full of  little people with their fingers up their noses and some of them actually eat what they pull out of their nose…(excuse me while I go puke for a minute).. and an entire room full of kids that possibly have any or all of these conditions…Lice/pink eye/puking flu/ diarrhea/ …and on occasion Pee Pants! So the truth is, these people are exceptional and if you haven’t thanked your kids teacher today,….you totally should! And maybe leave some wine….

download (6)

bc4ab0bd618a10915263c4d744a8fd2e of the things I love about having my kids home is being able to sleep in, and not have to get up and get dressed and all the stuff you gotta do. I know there are some awesome moms who still have to do that throughout summer because of their jobs and you ladies deserve lots and lots of wine!!! Being a mom is a hard job! Whether you work outside of the home or inside of the home…it’s still hard!



I have to be honest with you guys though…..I am OVER the field trips and class picnics now! For some reason this is the month of field trips and picnics and get togethers and I just don’t want to! I DON’T WANT TOO!!!

images (27)

The one thing about summer that I can honestly say I am not excited about is that whole camping thing that everyone wants to do all the time. Listen…if you like to go sit out on a 100 degree day under a tree and swat at mosquitoes then by all means…go for it. I happen to be one of those indoor type of people. I’m not really a fan of bugs and dirt, and no way to wash your hands after you shit over a log because there was no proper toilets around. That’s just me though. I am weak…it’s true! Camping for me is sitting on my porch,…so I guess I will be camping this summer.


images (28)


I am ready to sit on my back porch and put my feet in a blowup pool while simultaneously drinking iced tea that has been spiked with Vodka because…well….NO MORE SCHOOL!!! So the chances of needing to spike the iced tea are going to be at an all time high. I guess you could say this whole kid’s off for summer thing is kind of bittersweet. It’s like I will no doubt be drowning in laundry and dishes having these people around all the time, but at the same time….NO MORE making lunches and field trips. So…I say…BRING IT ON SUMMER! I am ready…..wait,….maybe I’m ready…,


A video for your entertainment!~




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