Who are YOU?? And what do YOU stand for??

You know what, ..unless you have personally experienced racism, .you do not get to say it doesn’t exist! Unless you have personally experienced sexism, you do not get to say it doesn’t exist! Unless you have personally experienced being raped and bullied you do not get to say it didn’t happen!
It’s the same thing as if you tell someone that they are being an asshole and they say “No I’m not!” well it’s really not up to them is it?!
America was built on the backs of slaves! THEY built this country. This is a factual part of American history! We all learn about this in school. It happened!! These people fought for the right just to be seen as human. And now all these years later the residual effect of what this country practiced early on is still a very real part of our country today. So many voices are screaming and yelling to be heard! If an entire culture of people say that racism exists…than it does!! That’s it!!
You are not allowed to take anyone’s own personal experience away from them by spewing your uneducated opinion. And it is an uneducated opinion if you personally have not walked that road or experienced that experience for yourself. If someone tells you that they were bullied, who are you to say it didn’t happen or it wasn’t real?? 
Every single one of us are experiencing this life in a different way. The thing is, people get so wrapped up in their own heads and their own experiences that they forget everyone else is having their very own experience as well, which has NOTHING to do with you. 
It’s like everyone holds on to their beliefs with all their might! I like to call them “Believies!” We all have our believies and we go around telling everyone all about our believies and what we think and what is “real” to us. The thing is, none of your believies are real to anyone else but YOU!!! 
All of the believies that each of us have are no more than the sum of our experiences. That is the reason we all have such very different ideas about the way things are or should be. It’s all just a huge collection of thoughts that are directly stemmed from your experience on this planet.
The problem is when a person gets so wrapped up and stuck in their own head, they do not realize that outside of themselves are people with a different set of eyes and a different set of thoughts. 
Even folks that grow up in the very same house with the very same parents will have completely  different ideas about how things were. 
Right now is a hard time in our country. There is rioting and people screaming to be heard! They want to be heard! WE ALL Want to be heard. 
When people are screaming that injustice has occurred, who has the right to deny it?? 
If your child came to you and told you that someone made them feel uncomfortable and said really bad things to them, would you tell them they were wrong, or that it wasn’t true? Would you tell them it didn’t happen?
When do we stop denying and start listening to the voices that are screaming??  The voices that are hurting and crying for someone to hear them. If it was someone you love screaming and begging to be heard…would YOU listen??
My true believie above all else is that the only way TO PEACE is THROUGH PEACE!! …for all of us…
THIS HERE was written by one of my favorite people ever. She always seems to put into words exactly what is in my heart! 

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  1. ninjajack
    Apr 30, 2015 @ 15:57:54

    Reblogged this on Ninja Jack and commented:
    Wonderful Blog!


  2. List of X
    Apr 30, 2015 @ 16:28:33

    So, umm, if I tell someone they’re being an asshole, they’re now automatically an asshole and not allowed to respond with “No I’m not”? 🙂
    More seriously and to the point, if I felt (whether correctly or not) that I’m also a victim of discrimination, it is my personal experience and other people aren’t allowed to question it, according to this post.
    Now I wouldn’t in my right mind ever call myself a victim of discrimination, but I know for sure my parents were (as in being straight told “don’t bother applying for this job/college, we don’t accept ______ here”). so with their experience, for example, if someone in power was being an asshole to them for some unclear reason, they would have a difficult task to judge whether that someone is being an asshole in general or being a racist asshole.


    • Vagina
      Apr 30, 2015 @ 16:42:37

      If you call someone an asshole, and they respond with “No I’m not”. does it make it any less true for the person calling them that? I just mean that if a person feels discriminated against, even if other’s question it, ..it does not make it any less true for the person experiencing it. We all base everything we “believe” on our experiences. I put “Believe” in quotes because as humans we all think what we believe is the truth! And i suppose it is the truth for the person believing it, but it is NOT the truth for someone else. So even if people question the validity of a person feeling discriminated, it does not change their belief that they were in fact discriminated against. I have NO clue if I even made any sense at all.

      I really appreciate your comment. I am still working on overcoming that stupid fear that creeps up anytime I do a serious post. I know how angry people can get when they feel very strongly about something. I really just wanted to start a conversation and I appreciate so much any different opinions on the subject so we can keep the conversation going and learn from a different perspective!!

      I do better talking about Vaginas and penises for some reason! 😉 ❤ ❤


  3. Misty
    Apr 30, 2015 @ 19:56:38

    I agree with you. My problem is with people saying they were discriminated against according to what happened to other people they know. For instance ‘my grandma wasn’t allowed to own property. Therefore when my loan was denied, it’s because I’m a woman. When in actuality it was denied because they have a shitty credit score.

    I know SEVERAL people that cry racism but have not actually experienced it themselves. Because of my experience, I DO question many who cry discrimination because I wonder if they’ve actually experienced it or are they drawing from someone else’s experience from 40 years ago.

    I hope that makes sense.


  4. Jo Ann De Angelo
    May 01, 2015 @ 08:36:46

    Right on sister. No more hate….let’s love and spend more time bettering ourselves.


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