Bring Back The Waterbed!!~

Ah the 70’s and 80’s were good times weren’t they? From the fashion trends all the way to the music. Lava lamps were big, ..and so were leg warmers! My favorite pair were rainbow color and I wore those things until they started unraveling from the bottom up. I also had a pair of Reebok high tops that were HOT PINK!!! You could see me coming from two miles away. I actually wore them with my acid washed jeans and believe me when I tell you, I had the biggest hair around! My wings were something to be desired. I am pretty sure I could pick up any radio station on the other side of the world with those wings.


This is my actual hair in 1987! That took 1 1/2 bottles of aqua net, .and close to 2 hours to achieve….EVERYDAY!!

One of the big trends that started in the 70’s and continued on through the 80’s were waterbeds. Almost everyone I knew had a waterbed in their house. It’s hard to find anyone with a waterbed these days. You know…if you ask me, people are crabbier these days. I think it has something to do with the lack of waterbeds!


More Hair!! SO MUCH HAIR!!~

Here is the top 7 reasons why they should bring back waterbeds:


1)  Nothing says OUCH quite like getting stuck between the hard wood sides and the mattress of a waterbed! I mean…when you got stuck… YOU WERE STUCK! You would usually end up with some kind of bruise or mark, and almost always came out of that full of splinters. It taught us to be tough!! Not like kids today with their soft mattresses, .and plushy futons. They are spoiled with all the cotton sheets, and super cushy micro fleece comforters.


2) You KNEW when your parents were doing the nasty! You could hear it from the other side of the house. All the sloshing and waves they were making, there was no way you were going to accidentally walk in on that and end up scarred for life! Once it sounded like the Titanic sank, knew you were safe to go near the room!..


images (32)

3) You always knew the cool people on the street that owned a waterbed because the fully stretched out garden hose draped through a second story window gave it away!! Sign of coolness right there folks!!

hqdefault (1)

4) Back in the day, we didn’t have much for entertainment…it was either use your imagination and make a tree house out of a stick, or lay on your parents waterbed for hours upon hours making waves! Just try not to think about the waves they were making earlier that morning.


5) You never had to worry about monsters under the bed, …or things getting lost underneath the bed. Once you set up a waterbed… it is there FOREVER!!! For life!!!! The waterbed is not going anywhere….EVER!!! You can change around the dresser or the night stand table, but the bed…..nope, …it stays in the same spot forever!!!!!

Phoebe cat waterbed funny comic

6) – Nothing really compares to how much fun it was jumping on a waterbed when someone was sleeping in it, watching them go flying and end up on the floor. With all these new fangled soft beds, …the most you would get from jumping on the bed while someone is asleep in it is the other person wiggling around a little bit!

hqdefault (2)

7) …And who can forget all those times you would wake up in the middle of the night because you are sure you pissed yourself just to find out there is a leak in the bed!

Good Times…


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. REDdog
    Jan 03, 2015 @ 20:58:11

    So, you started out awesome and just awesomer and awesomer, Giney.


  2. Ann St. Vincent
    Jan 04, 2015 @ 19:27:16

    My two significant high school relationships had waterbeds. I remember one had a “low motion” bed but that didnt mean a whole lot!!


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