To drink bacteria or not….that is the question…

These are entirely true events that took place! No exaggerating or embellishing on any of the facts. This happened you guys!!! I witnessed this entire thing, and I am currently a changed person because of it! Changed forever!!!
The other day,…the husband and I were running errands and we were kid free. They were at home with a sitter. We had been out running around all day and decided that we were hungry, and conveniently at the moment of hunger we pass a Subway.
Me – “Subway sounds good! You want to get a sandwich?”
The Husband – “Yeah…I could do a sandwich!! get it…DO a sandwich!”
Me – Blink, Blink, Blink,…

Anyway….back to the story….so we enter the Subway, and there is not many people at all in the building. Just the worker behind the counter and a few people eating in the food area. We decided on what we want and we order our sandwiches. I always get the Turkey with avocado in it. YUM! The husband got one of those Philly Cheese steak things and opted out on the toasted option! He can do whatever he wants…but I did make sure to let him know that I absolutely disagreed with his opting out on getting it toasted. I just think he was making a mistake on that ya know….Philly Cheese steak needs to be toasted…Just Saying!!..

So we get our sandwiches, and we got some drinks. They hand us two cups and we head over to the soda pop machine to get our drinks. It’s a self serv soda pop machine so they give you a cup and you are on your own from there. As I am filling up my cup with ice, I notice a sign that is taped to the top of the soda pop machine. It’s not a huge sign, …and it’s not flashing with lights or anything. It’s just delicately taped to the top. So I read it. This is exactly what it says:

And that’s it folks. That was the sign taped to the soda pop machine.
Let’s start with. what isn’t wrong with this?! And how many people are walking around with a pot handy to just boil some water that has bacteria in it?! Both the husband and I dump the ice and head to the counter where I told the guy we would prefer to have the closed soda bottles from the refrigerator. He handed us two soda’s.
We found a seat. I couldn’t help but look down at my sandwich and wonder if there is anything in it that would have required using the bacteria water.
But here….this is the best part of the story! As we sat there…a gentleman walked in and ordered a sandwich. He walked over to the soda pop machine. He started filling up his cup and didn’t even notice the sign. Being the good citizen I am, I pointed out to him the sign just so he knew. He read it…shrugged his shoulders and kept on filling up. Then two ladies came in. Ordered….walked over to the soda pop machine, and started filling up there cups. I’m pretty sure they didn’t notice the sign either. They sat somewhat close to where we were sitting, and right before they ate their food…they prayed over it. Like they bowed their heads and said a prayer. All I kept thinking is, I hope that prayer works for the drinks too! You might want to add in the soda’s to that message to God!

At this point…we were just watching all the people that came in, ordered food,…and got drinks. Most of them read the sign and kept on filling up there cups. They didn’t care at all! There was only one person that dumped their cup and got a closed soda pop like we did! ONE PERSON!!! I don’t know about you…but I generally like my drinks WITHOUT bacteria in it. It’s just a thing I have I guess! I prefer my drinks bacteria FREE!

But the fact that most people are okay with bacteria floating around there drinks…well, it makes me lose faith in humanity a little bit. And makes me slightly afraid of trusting anyone else to ever cook my food. I may not be able to eat at restaurant ever again!

Okay…that’s going too far!! There is no way I’m giving up pizza delivery!…






2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Jennifer Writings of a Mrs
    Sep 12, 2014 @ 11:39:39

    Craziness! I prefer wine anyway, I wish it could come from a fountain….lol


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