Mean People Suck…. ass mostly..

Mean people suck!! It’s true…. they suck ass mostly! Here’s the thing. Everyone has the ability to be mean somtimes. We all probably have that one time… or maybe two times where you were mean to someone and you didn’t actually intend for it to come across that way but it just happened. Or maybe you did… but you felt bad about it later. I have had times that I was just flat out rude to someone because I had other stuff going on , and they just happened to be the one that ended up getting the brunt of my emotions. Not intentionally… it just happens sometimes.


But then you have this whole other group of people that go out of their way to be mean. It’s almost like they get a thrill from actually being shitty to people.


I want to respond to something here. I put up a video of my 13 yr. old being silly for a video vine. It was just a silly video that wasn’t even a minute long. I could not believe some of the mean shit that people said. It actually blew me away.


I always hear people say, “you put yourself out there, you have to expect it.” I not only disagree with that statement, I think it is bullshit. When people put themselves out there, why should they have to expect cruelness? WHY?? An actor becomes an actor to entertain folks. Maybe it also is the way that person let’s out their creativity. Everyone does that in a different way. So why do the people that choose to use their creativity to entertain others have to also accept the fact that people will be cruel?


Where does being a decent human being end? Why is it okay to be decent when you are standing in front of your mother, or your child, or your friends…. but then get on the internet and spew the worst, most awful things about someone you don’t know?

It has become a thing to accept the fact that the internet is full of trolls and mean ass people. I find that sad! It’s sad that it just has to be accepted. That there can’t be an idea that it could be different. That people do not need to be so cruel. That humanity matters!


I have to say…. I follow many mom blogs and when you start to read the comments on some of these things it can really make you lose faith in humanity completely. It’s funny because if a mom gets on and calls her kid an asshole and says her kid is annoying her… then people come around and do the whole “You are a bad mom. You don’t deserve your kid” bullshit. But then I have seen a mom post something about her kid throwing a tantrum, and you get this “Beat that kid… they deserve to be beaten and thrown in a room.”


I just don’t get it!! The point is as mom’s we could totally help each other out by being real. Which is why many moms have started blogs. It’s to do that very thing and let other moms know they are not alone, and that bad days happen and you will get through it and be okay.


So why do assholes have to come along and ruin it for everyone!!! All I can say is assholes, GO AWAY!!! Stop being so friggin mean because you feel so bad about yourself that you need to bring everyone else down with you. I DO NOT believe because someone posts a silly video of their kid on the internet that they should HAVE to deal with shitty people saying rude things. I think shitty people should just go away… and the internet should ban Fuckers from being on it!


Think about this….if everyone just stopped putting themselves out there because of assholes, the world would be a much sadder place. There is a lot of negative crap going on around the world. I am thankful for the folks that choose to keep going in hopes to make someone laugh or brighten another person’s day. That is the reason for it! It’s called being nice! What a concept!!


So check this out! This is the Video Vine of my girl. I want to point out the obvious for the people that do not seem to get the obvious. IT WAS A JOKE!! Just a silly, joke.



Here ya go….for all you internet ASSHOLES!!!  For you…

But I want to Thank all of you AWESOME, amazing folks that told those internet creepos where to stick it!! YOU guys are the friggin BEST!!!! ❤ ❤

;)~  ;)~    POOP!



A Year of Vagina…and a Big Thank You…


Well folks…it’s been a year! A year of Vagina!!! Last year around this time, I decided to start blogging. I have always loved writing….so with some encouragement from some of my people…and the fact that all my kids are in school now which gives me a little more time to pursue this…I decided to do it. And now here I am!!

When I look back through the year….I have met some AMAZING people with this gig. I have the BEST folks that come and read my crazy, they always comment, and stick around to see what’s coming next. I have absolute appreciation for all of you! Thank you for always supporting and commenting and coming back for more!! I will gladly share my crazy with you! You guys are the BEST!

I posted this on my personal facebook page the other day with this story and it would not let me post it on my blog page. So I was like fuck you facebook, then I will put it in a blog post…because fuck you…that’s why!!!!


Here is my Super Cool Facebook Story for you!!~

Some of the pics are fuzzy…

Pay attention to me…


Pay Attention to me…NOW…


Pay Attention to me NOW OR I WILL KILL YOU…


Hey look…I’m in your arm hole!!….um….that didn’t sound right..


FINE!!!!…I’ll just go take a picture of my boobs then…


SELFIE in the bathroom time!!!…duckface….


The 13 yr. old thinking she owns all the pop corn!!..


EEEK!!…she can have the damn pop corn….she looks possessed..


My mom’s on a diet!! or at least that’s what she said…


Creeper cupcakes!!! I did it…I actually did it!….okay….my daughter made the faces, but I pulled up the picture on Google images so don’t even!!


If only Buster could find a lady friend that understands him…

big butts

So that’s the end of my Facebook story! I hope you liked it!

Now because this is my year anniversary of starting this blog…I wanted to share with all of you some of my MOST Favorite blogs and pages on the internet. These are the blogs I read, and pages I visit often. These people are the friggin bomb diggity of the inter webs!

Renegade Mothering  –  Amazing, beautiful, and one of the reasons I started my blog!  Go to her…you will NOT be disappointed.

Dumbass News – This guy will keep you laughing all day. He is hilarious, and a one of a kind Fearless Leader. He is just a really great guy!

Comfytown Chronicles – Make sure to be wearing a diaper because YOU WILL piss yourself. Then you will feel weird about it,…but just keep reading….she will make you feel all better in no time! Plus….she is just AWESOME!!

List of X – One of the first people to actually read and comment on my crazy, and he still comes back for more. His lists are the BEST top ten lists around. David Letterman has NOTHING on this guy. plus….he’s just pretty damn cool…

Cancer: My journey back to Health-Kicking and Screaming the Whole damn way – I love this lady!! She has been writing an awesome novel, and you need to visit her just to see the pictures of the SnackStadium she built!! AMAZING!

Bill McMorrow – This guy….this guy right here!! He never reads my shit but he is pretty damn funny and makes me laugh every day! My favorite thing about Bill….you can say anything to him and he won’t cry like a little bitch. 🙂 It’s nice! So I am going to have to physically go and put this on his page so he can see it….because I WILL NOT BE IGNORED BILL!!! go read him…he’s funny

Chronically Sick and sometimes manic Mother – Another amazing Momma here! Very real, and open about the struggles of being a Mom and having to deal with Fibro arthritis and anxiety.  And she’s funny too…

Dribbles and Grits – Just trust me…she is hilarious and will keep you laughing all day!

I have so many more I want to share with you! Some of my favorite blogs and folks that come around and visit:

REDdog  – ❤       More than Cheese and Beer – ❤    I won’t take it – ❤     A pleasant house – ❤

El Guapo – I just came across this blog not too long ago and am loving it!..Genius I say..

LisaEggs – I Love Lisa!! She has become a great friend to me. I have a hell of a time getting to her blog and I can’t figure out why, but I love her to pieces!! <3…LISA, I can’t find a link for your blog…HELP ME…


THANK YOU to the most AMAZING people that come around and leave the BEST comments!! You guys friggin ROCK!!!!

Lisa – <3, Susan Fatcheric Paetow – ❤ , Joy Christi – <3, Maureen Martini- <3, Lisa Strandt-Murray – <3, Sofia Leo – <3, Heather Myers – <3, Stacey Starlin Glenn- <3, Samantha Stainsby – <3, Jessica Cooper – <3, Katie Bates – <3, Laura Lynn – <3, Ruth Cassidy-<3, Jen OConnell – <3, Shelby Casebolt – <3, Paula Walker – <3, JoAnn DeAngelo – <3, Christina Begnal – <3, Jennifer Michelle – <3, Destiny Stark – <3, Katie Dehesa- <3,  Megan Peterson Allen – <3, Audra Rhodes – <3, Amber Rhodes – <3,  Erika C. Smith – <3, Shelley-An Spargur – <3, Stephanie Archuleta-Jones – <3, EM Contreras – <3, Cindy Davis – <3, Erin Messer – <3, Samantha Becker – ❤ I know there is so many more of you , and I appreciate ALL of you!! If I didn’t get your name here….tell me to fuck off in the comments and I will make a new post just for you!! 🙂


I also have a shit ton of Facebook pages that I love: Mommy Madness, Dumbass News, Comfytown Chronicles, You Can’t Offend the Offensive, Chronically Sick and Sometimes Manic Mother, More than Cheese and Beer, Renegade Mothering, and there is so many more but this post is never going to get done if I keep going!


This is my BIG VAGINA Thank You to all you lovely people!~( not that my vagina is big) … If I missed anyone,..I am truly sorry. I’m not kidding when I say my brain doesn’t work as good as it used too. I can’t even remember my kids names most of the time. The question I fear most is…”What is their Birth date?” I hate when I get asked that because if I can’t even remember their names how am I going to remember their birth date!! Anyway…Thank you to all you awesome folks!! I LOVE YOU!! ❤

And I made a Video…

Happy VAGintines Day!~ <3

I don’t know why this happens to me…. but for some reason, every Valentines day I end up having to go and see my Vagina doctor. It just always works out like that. Us ladies have to go to the doctor once a year, and get our vagina’s looked at. It’s just one of those things that comes along with having a vagina. It has it’s very own special doctor. So every year on Valentines day…. I get myself all ready, shave my legs, and underarms, put on my good smelling lotion(because anyone putting their head anywhere near my vagina gets the good smelling lotion.) It’s just polite ya know. 😉




So here we are again…. Valentines day has come around. Considering every year my date happens to be a dude looking in my Vagina, I like to refer to that day as Vagintines day! It’s been a thing now for the last few years because every year, I am certain I am getting some action down there. Now maybe it is not the kind of action a girl really looks forward to…. but my doctor has this nifty warming thing that warms up that evil silver tongs tool that makes the experience a little less awful.



I still like to go to my happy place when I have to let out the girls (my boob sacks)… yep… I said sacks…. anyway, I still like to go to my happy place when he is giving them the squishy squeezies because it’s just awkward ya know. I mean… my boobs are not as perky as they used to be. Okay… I lied… they were never really “perky.” Listen… they were working boobs for many years. After 4 kids sucked the ever loving life out of them…. they lost their uhmpph, if you know what I mean. They have worked hard and deserve retirement. In other words…. as I am lying there while the doc is doing his thing… I am focusing on trying to prop those bitches up with my arms so they don’t fall in my armpits and disappear. The one thing I do not want to hear from the doctor is… “Um, I can’t find your boobs? Where did they go?” What a nightmare that would be!!



I know some folks really do not look forward to Valentines day. I get it. I mean a day that focuses on Love and being in love, and finding love and all of that…. it can be very irritating to the folks that either have no desire to be in love, or really just haven’t found that right person yet.


My theory of the whole thing is this… you want to get lucky on Valentines day…. make your pap smear appt. on February 14. You will get lucky every damn year!!!!


I have some tips for you though.


Tip 1 – I still don’t shave above the knee for the Vagina doctor…. but depending on who your doctor is, and how much you like them, you might want to. I always forget to shave the actual knee though. Don’t forget to shave the knee ladies.

Tip 2 – Stop using bar soap right now!!! Just do it!!!! Seriously….. think about the first thing you washed in the shower…. now think about the last thing you washed. Now picture the person that was in the shower before you, and imagine the first thing they washed, and the last thing they washed. … Where do you think all those little hairs come from?… yeah… you are welcome!!! Stop using the bar soap!!

Tip 3 – Tip number 2 has nothing to do with Valentines day. Just a little friendly advice.

Tip 4 – Buy lots and lots of chocolate. If you receive chocolate from someone…. awesome. But you need to ensure that you will have back up chocolate. If you happen to not receive any chocolate, you then can pull out the chocolate you already purchased…. Draw a heart on the package…. Hide in the closet… (for the sole purpose of NOT SHARING) and polish off that MOfo!! EVeRY LAST BIT!!!

Tip 5 – It couldn’t hurt to also take some Vodka into the closet with you. Now I know some of you are like “Oh but that seems all alcholic-ish and what not.” But listen, you are already in there with your chocolate, you might as well take the rest of the party in there with you. Think of it as playing hide and seek…. You against the world.

So yeah…. with these tips… your valentines is sure to be the best day ever…. maybe not….


I found some Valentines that I wanted to share with you.


images (7)


images (4)





This video was my daughter’s idea. She thought it would be funny to show you all what an idiot I am. So yeah….here it is….my attempt at trying to play a video game.


Facebook Fuckery… part II



This is the second part of the Facebook fuckery post. It is SUPER bitchy. Maybe even more bitchy than the last one. I am going to write an entire post about braggy moms. Maybe this is more of a vent. To get this off my chest. Nothing in this world is more annoying than a braggy mom. Seriously people…..stop! JUST STOP with the bragging all the time. Especially on facebook because really?????…. Here is the thing. I am a mom. I have 4 of those succubus’s that clawed straight through my vagina to make their way into this world. Listen…I love them. I even think they are cute half the time….when they are not sucking the life straight out of me. But these mom’s with the bragging all the time. I can’t even!!! I just can’t.


Every time I get on facebook and  see a post like this…” Bobby got straight A’s on his report card…again, and made it on the honor roll for the 10th time this year…again!” You know what I do when I see that….the same thing everyone does when they see that. ROLL MY EYES as far back as they can go. Trust me when I tell you this…..everyone reading it is rolling their eyes. Unless of course it is their grandma. Even then, she might be rolling her eyes…you just never know. My mom would probably roll her eyes. 😉




Anyway…This thing about trying to make people think YOUR kid is somehow better than everyone else’s is BALONEY people. No one is going to think that YOUR kid is better than their own kid. It is just NOT going to happen. I believe in being proud of your kids. My kids have done some amazing things that make me unbelievably proud. But for me to get on facebook and make some lame post about how perfect they are is an obvious BRAG! There is a big difference between being proud and bragging like your kid is the best thing ever. The funny part about it is that when a person is going on about all of their kids accomplishments, no one is buying it even for a second. Talent shoes on it’s own. If someone is talented…people will see it. I do not need to tell everyone how talented and smart my kid is because if my kid does something really cool…people will see it on their own. I guarantee Johnny Depp’s mom does not need to walk around telling people how talented her son is. I feel like when people go on and on about the accomplishments of their kids…..they either need validation of some kind….or they are lacking confidence in the sitation because why do they need other people to say….” Oh…your kid is so awesome.” I don’t know….the thing is…why can’t you just be real. Nothing wrong with being proud…but be friggin real! No kid is perfect. You make people feel shitty when all you do is go on like your life is so fucking perfect, and YOU have all the answers. It’s just not true!



Being happy is a wonderful thing. I am very happy. But it would be false information for me to display that my life is perfect, and I am consistantly happy every second of every day. I don’t even think that is what this life is suppose to be about. I believe it is about learning and growing and more than anything…evolving! Connecting with each other on a real life level. When you learn and grow….you evolve. It’s when you stay so damn stuck in a thought process, that you truly believe you have nothing more to learn, and you literally just stop evolving as a person. You reject anything new. That is called becoming stagnate and it is not healthy for anybody.



So my point to this whole thing is….I don’t give a flying fuck if your kid is so smart that he or she passed whatever with flying colors, and is so damn talented that they can do amazing things with their toes. Awesome!! Cool! But seriously though…..YOU be proud of them. you tell THEM that they are awesome. No one else really needs to know. The people that matter will see it anyway. All the other people that you brag too are just going to get annoyed and think you are an asshole!! Sorry….but it’s true….


Love your kids….be proud of your kids accomplishments…..Tell THEM that you are proud! Show THEM that they are awesome. But if you want to connect with other mom’s….stop trying to be the one -upper and make it like you are a better mom. We are all just doing the best we can. One way is not the ONLY way!!! It’s awesome if you only feed your kids organic food, and you breast fed your kid until they were 12 ( sarcasm people) and you would never allow your kids to use products that contain red dye number 2!! Cool!! Wonderful!! That makes you awesome. But you are no more awesome than the mom who just barely got macaroni and cheese made for dinner because she didn’t have time to do anything else. We are all doing the best we can. I SUCK at cooking!! Everyone knows this. I’m not good with a fry pan. I mean…piss me off and I can throw it at you….but as far as making food in it, this is not my strong point. SO WHAT!!! I am amazing at snuggling with my kids even if I can’t make them tofu casserole.



So there it is!! Part 2 of the super bitchy facebook series! My kids have been so sick all week. 2 of them have bronchitis, and the other 2 have this awful flu with puking and diarrhea. So it’s been fun around my house. But because of all the sickness I wasn’t able to make a new video for you guys. I went back through some old videos and after watching them I felt weird. You know…because I haven’t seen them in a while, and you forget how really stupid you are. And by saying “you”…I mean “ME”. So…yeah…I forgot how really stupid I am! Anyway…here is an older video that I made….



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