What is your guilty pleasure??…

I am so going to get some crap for this, but you know what, I made the decision to put myself out there…so Here I go!! We all have those things that we love….maybe it is a song, or a t.v. show. Maybe a really bad food choice that you just refuse to stay away from, or certain books that some people consider “smut” instead of literature. Some people choose to use their guilty pleasure in the way of buying shoes….or clothes, or just buying anything. Who doesn’t love a good shopping trip now and then. The problem comes in when you really , really need those Manolo Blahnik shoes, but they are $950.00, of which you do not have. You are searching your damn pockets, looking through every crevice in your purse, even scraping the change out of the car, but all you come up with is $23.90. Yeah…your about $910.00 dollars short. You consider possibly standing on the street corner ( just to see what happens)…because you really, really NEED those shoes. You have an outfit that only THOSE particular shoes will match with. You need them, you must have them. but ALAS….you are not “Pretty Woman.” You did not start out as a whore, and end up as a princess. WHY?? because life doesn’t fucking work like that!! Look….I’m not saying life is all about shoes…but really, it is. So anyway….Back to the reason for this post. I am going to come clean about my guilty pleasures. I am going to spill the beans on the shit I do that I really don’t want anybody to know about. So please…after you read this, just forget everything you saw here. It’s like what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, Well…look at this in the same way! I have a reputation to protect. Actually….that ship sailed a long time ago, so you know what, here it goes. Some of my most awful guilty pleasures that I will admit too.


1. On my ipod I have a myriad of different music. I am one of these types of people that listen to everything and keep an open mind to all music….except country…that shit should be outlawed. I can’t listen to that twangy crying in your beer bullshit! But other than that I am seriously open minded…;) No but really….country sucks ass. Sorry to all the folks who LOVE country music that I just completely offended with my opinion. I’m not really sorry though…country music just sucks. So back to my guilty pleasure. I have some REALLY bad music on my ipod. Like I am talking BAD! Let me start with my exercise play list. It goes something like this: Toni Basil – Hey Mickey, Divo- whip it, Eurythmics – Here Comes The Rain Again, Eminem – Love the way you lie, Eminem- The way I am, Eminem- not afraid, ( Yes, I am a fan), not in a stalkery way though…kind of stalkery, I also have lots of Alanis Morisette because I dig her, and I have Britney from the good old ” Ooops I did it…again” days…hm…sounds familiar, and lots of other kinds of music. On a side note- if we all had a song that would describe the theme of our life, mine would without a doubt be “And we Danced” by Macklemeore. Yep…that’s me! So last but not least is the one song on my playlist that I can not believe I am going to admit too, but here it is. Ice Ice Baby ( Vanilla Ice!) There it is….I said it. And I rock out to that bitch too. When I am exercising and that song comes on…nothing can slow me down. It’s like a fire was put under my ass. I know I have NO right to talk about country music when I have Vanilla Ice floating around on my Ipod…but…there it is….


2. T.V. shows. Okay…we all have those nights when your day sucked ass and you just want to drop on the couch in front of the Tele and watch really shitty shows to get your mind off of the crappy day you had. I actually choose to watch some of that crappy t.v. even when I had a perfectly fine day. All mom’s know that most of the television that we end up watching is crap like calliou which makes you want to rip off your ears and throw them in the garbage disposal. BUT…there is always that time after the kids go to bed, and I actually am able to stay awake for a show, that I pull out my guilty pleasures of the REALLY bad television that I actually took the time to tivo. First of all…I am a complete NERD! I LOVE Doctor Who. I have watched every damn episode since they started the show back up with the 9th doctor, and am now on the eleventh doctor who I just found out is now leaving the show and they are getting a new 12th doctor in and this is a very emotional time for me. I really can’t talk about it!!!! but seriously. I am a friggin Doctor Who freak. On top of that, I always love me some New Girl! Schmidt rules!! Love that show….but the real bad one that I can not believe I am admitting too that I watch every episode of is…The real housewives of New Jersey! Okay…there….it’s out now! Yeah…I watch it…and so does the husband. Actually, I think he might even be more of a fan than I am. Every Sunday night he’s like…” Did housewives record?… you should check and make sure it recorded.” DUDE…seriously…Anyway..so yeah, there it is…


3. YES, I read Twilight! YES, I liked it. It was not the highlight of my life. No I did not think it was ” Excellent Literature”, but…it was entertaining. I am NOT a Twi-hard!! YES, I read 50 shades of Grey! NO I did not think it was ” Excellent Literature”, but it was also entertaining….and FUN! πŸ˜‰ I actually learned some new moves from 50! πŸ˜‰ Β I will probably opt out on the movies for that one though. Reading it was good enough for me! Got all the images right here in the brain. I have also read Shakespeare, and Jane Austin, and I have read the Belle Jar, and many, many other books. The thing is…I am sort of a smut book junkie. I really like smutty books. The dirty, immoral kind. As of recently, I actually have been reading a ton of spirit books. Like Deepok Chopra, and Louise Hay. So…it’s not ALL smut, and raunchy literature. I think it all has it’s place. I mean…if you decided to read 50 shades of grey, don’t expect something like pride and prejudice. They are completely different and to compare the two is like comparing Julia Roberts to snookie. It just doesn’t work. There it is…


4. I have mentioned this before. I think I may actually talk about it in almost every post I have ever written. CHOCOLATE!!! This is a big one for me. I Love chocolate. There is no denying that. I literally will eat anything covered in chocolate. I mean anything. Seriously….go ahead and comment below anything that you can think of…and if you cover it in chocolate, I would eat it. My kids toe nails…yep, bugs…yep, dirty shoelaces…yep, raw chicken…um….okay yep. It’s a sickness really. I may need help. Well…there it is…


creepy right?…I’d do it…

5. I can’t believe I am going to admit this…but spongebob is a guilty pleasure of mine. first of all, I know so many people that do not let their kids watch it. I understand why. But I LOVE spongebob. I love that show…and I have always loved it. I do let my kids watch it and I am hoping none of their teachers are reading this because then they are probably thinking…” Ohhhh….now I get it! She let’s them watch spongebob!” O.O I can’t help it. I love spongebob. I tend to think I am more like plankton in real life, but still…I am admitting I let my kids watch that show mostly because I want to watch it. One day my mom called me up on the phone and my kids had been watching spongebob, but went off to play something else. So there I was sitting on the couch on the phone with my mom and spongebob was on t.v.


Mom: ” what are you doing

Me: “ sitting here watching spongebob

Mom : ” what channel is it on?

Me: ” nickelodeon…duh”

Mom: ” shutup.” she changes her channel to nickelodeon.

Me: ” How is spongebob at the ocean?…he lives in the ocean

mom: ” yeah, look at that…he’s surfing on the ocean…and he’s in the ocean!”

Yes…this happened! There it is…



6. Facebook!!! Enough said! actually I wrote an entire post on how I am a Facebook whore. You can read that Here-



Now it is time to hear about YOUR guilty pleasures. We all have them. Are you brave enough to let it out!! Come on…what have you got to lose, other than your dignity…and maybe some pride. and BTW…here is the theme song of my life. Seriously…if I ever had to choose a song that best describes me and my life…this would be it :



7 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Boss MHMR
    Aug 20, 2013 @ 12:15:41

    And THIS is why I freakin love you!!!!!!!!!!!! Prepare to be pimped. πŸ˜‰


  2. Paula
    Aug 20, 2013 @ 12:35:36

    I am not guilty of anything u know that. Lol. U always crack me up. U and ur darn chocolate every time I eat a pb cup I feel guilty. But u never blog about ur French fries y not I think of u every time there to feel like I’m gonna b in trouble. I love u


  3. Paula
    Aug 20, 2013 @ 12:36:28

    Auto correct sucks


  4. Criss
    Aug 20, 2013 @ 19:54:06

    Love this post and man I can say snap to nearly all of it! Not a huge fan of shopping, and apart from my work shoes I live in sneakers. Country music does suck, sorry guys, but seriously she is right on this one. Opera comes in a close second, but there are some I do like. Your iPod rocks. I have been known to sing out loud to OH MICKEY, and Jessie’s girl….my music spans from ABBA to PINK, thrown in some heavy rock bands from the 80’s/90’s, and well anything 1980’s is awesome really.Kiss, Guns n Roses, Bon Jovi,Boy George, The Beatles, Oueen, Texas, Pink Floyd, Carpenters,….see you aren’t so bad….. I also have classical, and mediation type music…you know whales, and rain forests…..Doctor Who, well I have watched that shit since I was 8 years old. I love shows like
    Survivor, and Ninja Warrior, and Game of Thrones, True Blood, (Eric I could just eat), Walking Dead, Grey’s Anatomy is another, as is House Husbands, not sure if you get that one in the US? Oh and Farmer wants a Wife. I have read 50 shades, and Twilight, also have all the twilight movies, and yes I have watched them a few times each. I also have the whole Harry Potter DVD box set, and the books and love it. Have you read the Cross Fire series by Sylvia Day? That is another 50 shades type story. Enchanted bed time stories for women is a naughty one too. I will never again be able to watch Beauty and the Beast in the same light again! Well men have porn, cause they lack imagination, women can use their minds. I also loved The Secret Garden.I like romantic chic flicks, like LOVE ACTUALLY, and Bridget Jones, and did have a huge thing for Colin Firth, especially his Mr Darcy days, who doesn’t like a man in a wet white shirt. Life without CHOCOLATE is no LIFE at all. It only comes second to a good orgasm. I also love cheese. I will have to leave you at Sponge Bob, never have watched that one, so can’t really comment, but The Night Garden, and Curious George are a hoot, I have nightmares over Dora the Explorer….still getting over those days. Louise Hay is wonderful. FACE BOOK, that sucks out hours of my day and I have to admit it I am addicted to FARMVILLE…please don’t judge over 3 million other people are too! Man your right that does feel good to let out. lol


    • Vagina
      Aug 20, 2013 @ 21:02:01

      Can we get married?..I’m serious, my husband won’t mind and I think we need to be married because YOU are AWESOME!!!! I love all of it! I used to play Farmville in the early days, but my kids would never let me get my crops in time and they would always die. -_- Just think if I had a real farm, I would be screwed! πŸ˜‰ and I too have nightmares about Dora…


  5. Roxe
    Oct 20, 2013 @ 15:55:04

    You have nightmares about Dora? I wish I had invented Dora. I would be rich!!


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