Why Not?!

Okay….here it goes….I’m just going to write!! I’m going to write because like so many of you fine folks, I feel as though I have something to say. I want to share it with you. Share what is in my thoughts because maybe there is someone who gets it, or understands the craziness that is lurking around the shadows of a loving…(not always), intelligent…( yeah right)….full of excitement ( okay….that was TOO far) Mommy/Wife/Friends mind!! The mind I am speaking of..( mine of course)…can be a scary place to tread….but why not!! Give it a shot! Join me on this journey of self discovery….okay..forget what I just said! Let’s face it….This is IT folks!! here we go….Let’s talk about being a Mommy, let’s talk about being a wife, let’s talk about weight and exercising,…Bleh, and everything else that involves having a crazy life, because the fact is no one get’s out alive anyway, so why not share our experiences, talk about what moves us, and help each other out.


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